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demic prevention and control. -- Under the joi★nt prevention and control mechanism of the State Councb

il,★ a press conference was held in Beijing saying that no ne★w confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases were reported fo★r the first time on the Chinese mainland on March 18. No★ new death was reported outside Hubei Province, and the n★umber of severe cases dropped by two. No new confirmed lo★cal cases had been reported outside Hubei on the Chinese ★mainland for seven consecutive days, as revealed by the p★ress conference. The risk of imported COVID-19 cases was★ on the rise due to the rapid spread of the epidemic glob★al6

ly, thus the task to prevent imported risk must be impl★emented, according to the press conference. -- Specialis★ts from the China CDC participated ina teleconference wit★h theWHO and the Global Our

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tbreak Alert and Response Netwo★rk (GOARN) to introduce China's experience on COVID-19 pr★evention and control. --Zhong Nanshan attendedan interna★tional sharing and exchange meeting on epidemic preventio★n and control experience,calling for high attention to th★e spread of novel coronavirus in a number of countries, s★aying itB

's crucial to carry out early detection, early qu★arantine, early diagnosis and early treatment to control ★the epidemic. March 20 -- Upon the initiative of China,★ Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi hel★d a special video conference on COVID-19 with ROK Foreign★ Minister Kang Kyung-wha and Japanese Foreign Minister To★shimitsu Motegi. They had an in-depth exchange of views o★n joint response to the epidemic. -- China'sNHC and fore★ign ministry held a video meeting with 19 countries from ★Europe and Asia to provide a platform for specialists to ★exchange and share technologies for the prevention and co★ntrol of the COVID-19 epidemic. F


-- Under the joint preve★ntion and control mechanism of the State Council, a press★ conference was held in Beijing, announcing that no new c★onfirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases werx

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